Catering/Take away

Tuba offers handmade, quality catering for all kinds of events. Contact us and lets plan the perfect menu for your event! 

Orders can be picked up from Tuba within opening hours or pre-scheduled time or delivered to your location. We recommend to make an order at least three weekdays before the event.

For dinners and sauna-nights 21€/guest + possible shipping costs
All the orders come with Tuba’s sourdough bread and cream cheese
Choose two snacks and two salads
•   Spicy meat balls and BBQ-sauce
•   Tuba’s goats cheese-rocket salad sourdough pizza
•   Chicken wings and sauce of you choice and celery- and cucumber sticks and blue cheese dip
•   Tuba’s falafel and bell pepper sauce and tzatziki
•   Goats cheese-lentil quesadillas’, tortilla chips, pico de gallo, guacamole and crème fraiche
•   Roasted bell pepper and chorizo and tomato sauce
•   Sesame salmon & lemon crème
The salads
•   Lemon olive-artichoke salad
•   Water melon-feta salad
•   Roasted cauliflower salad 
•   Avocado-potato salad
•   Pear-blue cheese salad
•   Caesar salad
•   Coleslaw
•   Green salad & herb vinaigrette
Minimun order 20 guests

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or call +358 40 838 7737